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The ability of Vengeance is supposed to be got by choosing one of the tanking talent trees: Protection for warriors and paladins, Blood for death knights, or Feral for druids. If a tank has the talent specs and was damaged, she will be awarded an attack power bonus according to the damage taken. This bonus should not exceed 10% of her health. The only purpose of the Vengeance is to make sure that tank threat scales as other players improve their gear. Imagine a raid of reasonably geared level-85 characters.
The tank may produce about 50% of the damage of a DPS character without Vengeance,. With the tank’s threat modifiers this will be enough for her to generate enough threat to keep her targets stuck to her. The problem is that in later tiers the mages and rogues in the raid accumulate gear which can lead to more damage, while the tank gets more survivability. Tanks will pick up some threat stats along the way, but as the survivability is so important for a victory, they choose gear accordingly.

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