17/11/2010 04:42:29 AM

Armor penetration is a controversial issue in the Cataclysm, with many think that it was overpowered. Nevertheless, the team takes a differing view, holding that there is no need to worry about Sunder Armor. The reason lies in the fact that there was no reasonable mathematical way to prevent armor pen rating on gear from just being better and better the more you stack, which has a number of problems, such as making other stats unattractive and making a dude with a lot of armor pen overpowered.
As for PvP Damage, some of those numbers have already been reduced. If you recall, Fury DPS was much lower with the patch and be buffed. The team would have to nerf it again to keep it under control at 85, especially with Colossus Smash and Deep Wounds. Ret had a similar issue with Inquisition. What is more, they want the survival time in PvP rise compared with WLK.

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