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Mein2 comes from an old oriental historical story.A new game accompanies with some new words,such as metin2 yang,meint2 power leveling.Now,I will share a piece of news about classes in metin2.


Warriors in metin2 is similar with the same class in other games.Warrior plays a significant role in metin2 because of their skill as well as their quite heavy armour. They strive principally for great physical strength and a balanced, calm psyche.

Having used powerful weapons,such as two-handed weapons or through their skilful use of sword and shield,they could be easy to wreak havoc with enemies due to their chosen speciality.


Ninjas are described as machines of slaughter, who can attack through ambush. In order to maximise on both strength and mobility, these assassins wear only light armour. This allows them to execute rapid and fluid manoeuvres without hindrance.

Depending on their area of specialization, Ninjas can be master fighters in close-combat situations with daggers, or in distant-combat situations with bows.

Well,this is a brief introduction of 2 classes in metin2.Next time,we are going to talk about another 2 classes:Shaman and Sura.More info about metin2 yang,metin2 powerleveling,please feel free to visit our site.

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