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Metin2 leveling guide


level 1-21

easiest bit, do the level missions, and all the quests, this should put you to 22-23.

hunt level 5-15 metins, as these drop skill books.


for money - i suggest warriors hunt metins in second town (Aswan, Corinth, Maadi), other classes hunt jak-to's for piece of gem's and sell for 250k+, or hunt savage archers or bestials for fms (full moon sword) and sell them.

for experience - hunt white oath's at the start of second town till 23, then move to black wind groups,  when you are strong enough kill savage archers/minions/generals


method 1. hunt the elite orc and elite orc scouts/fighters at the start of nula valley (to get there speak to teleporter man) - and sell the black leaf dirk's they drop - note there are bestials in the first islands of nula, so you have a chance to get fms's

method 2. go to wasteland (also teleporter man) and kill the monsters there, be careful, as these creatures can poison. if these creatures are too hard for you, create a party then kill them in groups.


well...  you can stay at wasteland, but black orc parties give beter experience.

at level 35 you should get an armoured horse, which will help with leveling.

once you are level 40 i suggest soloing black orcs, or kill them with a friend.

for money at level 40 you have the chance to go to demon tower, to get there you go through into the forbiden temple (blue dot in middle island of nula) and go all the way around till you get to the centre of the map. i suggest not going to demon tower till level 45. the demons are level 60+ but they are incredibly weak for their level. they drop level 60 bows, daggers and two hand swords (which sell to trade good vendor for 45-50k) they drop alot of good gold too.


now is a good time to do lins quests (orc tooth and curse book) as curse books rarely drop for level 55+

the ancient page quests at level 50 give something like 35m experience. so that will put you to almost 52. (note if you want, save these quests for later) the quests also give a good amount of gold, thanks to blessing marble, and blacksmith memo.

also.. joining demon tower climb's are not a bad idea.. the experience isnt the best.. but you have the chance to upgrade with better susccess. this is good if you want good items to lvl at V2.

valcon 1 gives good experience, but these creatures poison.

black orc's give less and less experience, but some people prefer to train there till 55.

valcon2 is hard to solo till lvl 61, unless you have good ac AND 12k+ hp. but if you find a V2 party, these give the best experience. v2 passes can be bought from item mall for 180MP or from people ingame for 500k. (note - only buy from trusted people)


valcon2 would be a must here, i am not sure where else you would be able to train (unless you kill 75+ metins in WLF/DWLF) but thats mainly for money. lins demon keepstakle quest gives +60ac, which can help in v2. a lvl 61 +9 shield IS A MUST

valcon2 can provide a nice amount of money/experience, i am currently lvl 59, and i make 5m xp an hour here. (45k xp a group of big spiders)


dark wild leaf forest, or the kingdom of atlantea would be the prefered choice, as V2 gives less experience the higher you go.

metin hunting in WLF/DWLF gives a very good amount of gold.

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