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The primary stats of armor and weapons include Stamina and a set amount of Strength, Agility, or Intellect and the next level set includes haste, dodge, crit, and mastery, as well as stats with cap targets, like hit and expertise. Many players presume that Strength is much better for them than haste after doing some math work. The most important thing is that you need to have enough health, attack power, or spell power to be competitive at your level of content. It is hard to affect gearing decisions. You can never really choose between gloves with Strength on them versus gloves with haste on them.
This is true at least with the max level. There will be more fun at the lower level quest rewards. Similarly, you can hardly decide whether to enchant something with Agi vs. crit. Now, you can decrease an undesirable stat, though you are unable to remove it completely. In Cataclysm, socket bonuses are stronger, so you may use orange, purple, or green gems instead. The secondary stat on those gems may be an interesting choice.

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