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After rising of Twilight's Hammer agents, Azeroth's defenders quickly make the cult's bid unimportant so that they can destroy the two capitals. However, these victories had little to do with the reducing the fears over Azeroth's calamitous state. Earthquakes devastate the world by using great force more frequently than previously. Wayward fire spirits have emerged Orgrimmar, threatening to cut the proud Horde capital to ash.
All of sudden, an influx of earth spirits has shaken the foundations of Ironforge, causing the once-indomitable dwarven bastion to the verge of collapse. However, a thread of hope has come in the form of ancient tablets recovered in Northrend, which are thought to hold clues concerning Azeroth's tormented elementals -- a claim that can only be validated once the artifacts transferred from the northern continent. The gifted shaman Thrall tried to make efforts to shed light on the disasters befalling the world.

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